About Us

Development, Acquisition and Commercialization of Revolutionary Healthcare & Consumer Products

Immudyne is discovering and marketing new innovative and revolutionary products that address large unmet needs in the market.  New product opportunities are everywhere, yet few companies have the expertise to recognize gaps in the market, source products that can fill those gaps, and commercialize new products in a scalable way that doesn’t require large amounts of capital. Immudyne’s proven track record is the result of a diverse leadership team comprised of individuals with experience in online advertising, direct-response marketing, mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, product licensing and private equity.

80-90% of new product launches fail within the first 2 years.  Depending on the product and industry, new product launches may require millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars in outside capital.  Given the high failure rate, investing in new product launches with limited data to gauge consumer demand is an extremely risky business. At Immudyne, we’ve developed a model to directly market products with multi-billion-dollar potential with very low initial capital requirements and a proven return on investment on marketing spend prior to product launch.  This means we avoid unnecessary dilution and allocate our time and resources to products that we have a high degree of confidence in creating long-term shareholder value.

2016 was a year of record growth for Immudyne. We grew our business by over 300% with year end top line revenue projected to be $5.25MM, the most in Immudyne’s history. We also in-licensed a patented line of hair-loss products, called Shapiro MD, from Dr. Steven Shapiro and Dr. Michael Borenstein.  Our team has been working hard on the launch of this product line and we believe it will be a big contributor to 2017 revenue.  In late 2016 we partnered with a third dermatologist, Dr. Lilliana Ramirez, to revamp and endorse our Inate MD skincare line.  We believe that Inate MD and Shapiro MD are well positioned for success in 2017.

Most importantly, Immudyne committed significant resources in 2016 to building a world-class direct-marketing infrastructure.  We built and trained a call-center in Puerto Rico, built a media buying team, and invested heavily in managerial talent that has improved all aspects of our operations.  Although this value is not yet reflected on our balance sheet, we believe it is very meaningful to our long-term success and will facilitate long term and profitable growth.