We've created a highly scalable and global advertising technology infrastructure driven by the world's largest social media platforms.

IMMUDYNE understands, adapts, and operates in the fast-paced, rapidly changing online digital advertising world. IMMUDYNE has created some of the most innovative, high-quality nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products available in the health & wellness industry today.

What we do

We create, partner with or license innovative health & wellness products that can be quickly and efficiently scaled with our marketing technology platform.


We are a marketing firm driven by quantitative analytics and technology. We analyze and adapt to quickly capitalize on emerging trends - we let the data lead us.


We believe the key to long term success is selling the highest quality products that enrich and improve the lives of our customers.


Product Innovation and Proprietary Technology

Immudyne is a marketing technology that owns a robust portfolio of intellectual property and trade secrets around our products and our wholly owned Yeast Beta Glucan manufacturing business.

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Focus on Health and Wellness.

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